Friday: Amboise to Chaumont

Our last full day on the road.

Jayne has been reading about one chateau in particular: at Chenonceux.  A portion of the chateau is a bridge across the Cher river.  This chateau is one well-known for its beauty.  Many of its design features were influenced by the women who owned it.

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War Memorials

From the eternal flame at the Arc de Triumph,Mvc-010l.jpg (114485 bytes) to a simple obelisk in a small town, the French remember their war dead.  Virtually every village has a monument listing soldiers killed in WWI, or Resistance members deported and killed by the Gestapo.  The obelisk pictured was in the yard of a village church. D3Memorial.jpg (186818 bytes)   Originally erected to memorialize the WWI dead, the black plaque at the bottom lists the names of WWII Resistance members.  On the church wall were two additional plaques listing the names of village members killed in Algeria and Vietnam.

We end up in Chaumont, whose chateau "dominates the city along the river below" (which of course means a steep hill climb back to the B&B).

Amboise1.jpg (100377 bytes)

Our host Dany helps us get settled into a comfortable room.  After a short rest, we hike down to town for a bit of dinner.  We select "La Metairie", since it sounds sort of like the Louisiana town Metarie.  The chef, a very nice lady, seats us and yells at the very friendly dog from next door who appears at the window by our table.  In due course, we have a nice 3 hour dinner followed by a brisk uphill stroll to our B&B.

We review plans for our final day of biking... on to Blois