Monday - La Clos to Mestre

The day starts slow.  We're trying to find our bikes.  Claude makes several phone calls to the shipping company.  We know they left Paris, they're just not in Saumur.  Finally they're found in a city about 2 hours away.  We've got to get going, so we arrange to rent bikes from Claude & he will bring our bikes to Mestre that evening.

Finally, around 1 pm, we're on our way.  It's about 20 miles to our B&B in Mestre.  The weather is good.  Cloudy and a bit cool, perfect for biking.

 D1Road.jpg (116642 bytes)                         D1Church.jpg (145230 bytes)

    On the road                                   Church entrance

We bike down country roads, past fields and small villages.  Caves are dug into the cliff faces along the river, some used for wine storage, others for housing.

We stop and buy sparkling wine at a small winery en-route, and arrive at the B&B around 5 pm.  Meet a nice older Swiss couple.  The B&B is part of a farm that's been in the family over 200 years.  They have a soap making business on site.  We pick up soaps for gifts - they're very nice.

D1B&B.jpg (179301 bytes) Our B&B

Dinner is prepared by the B&B owner.  We are joined by Claude & Jacqueline, who have brought our bags and our new bikes.  Dinner is excellent.  Virtually everything in the meal comes from the farm that supports the B&B.

Prior to dinner, Claude & I finish assembling the trike and Jayne's rental recumbent.  We discover that her bike is too large for her to ride.  We decide that she will ride the trike and I'll ride the rental.  Due to time constraints, I plan to adjust the trike for Jayne in the morning.

On to Tuesday.