Another Successful MS150!

For 2003, we joined again with the team from Valero Energy for the MS150 Bike to the Beach... 150 miles over two days in the company of over 2000 cyclists.

Weather was near-perfect, except for heavy fog on Sunday morning that delayed the ride start. newcanon 011.jpg (615461 bytes) Otherwise, the ride was great - though Jayne did demonstrate the comfort of the recumbent trike by kicking back, pedaling, and reading the latest Sue Grafton paperback.  A number of passing upright bike riders (nursing sore rear ends or wrists) offered to swap places with her.

As Steve was one of the top 100 fundraisers from the 2002 ride, he got a bit of special treatment, and goodies, that he enjoyed - particularly the comfy shirts and cap.

Again, thanks to all who supported our ride this year.

Thank You!! to our 2003 Supporters:

Clyde Haygood, MD

Ed Muns

Michelle Muns

Laura Josephsen

International ATMO, Inc.

Michele Pain

Peter Ronald

Dick Sample

Avtar and Sue Sidhu - Perimed, Inc.

Caryn Oldham - Sechrist Industries, Inc.

Bill & Kathy Hamilton

Corey Levenson

Jeff Neizgoda, MD

Ed Boyce

Darlis Waulters


Jayne and Steveís 2002 MS150 Ride Report


On Saturday and Sunday, October 5-6, Jayne and I joined over 1800 cyclists to bike from San Antonio to Corpus Christi in the annual MS150 Bike to the Beach. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our supporters.  Thanks to your generosity, we were able to raise over $1600 to help in the fight against MS.  Each donorís name was added to our web page and printed on the sign that we mounted on the bike.  So, in effect, all of you made the ride with us Ė and you didnít even break a sweat!

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The day started out with great weather as a cool front passed through the area, and we cruised at a brisk clip towards the evening stop at Beeville, TX with a mild tailwind.  Unfortunately, when we reached the rest stop at 63 miles, a line of severe thunderstorms came through the area, causing the ride directors to stop the ride, due to risks caused by heavy rain, hail, high wind, and lightning.  Like most cyclists, we were unable to finish the first dayís ride. After loading the trike into a support truck, we completed the final 19 miles to the overnight stop as passengers.   

Early fog delayed the Sunday morning start by 30 minutes, but we were on the road by 7:30 am.  The cool front didnít make it to Beeville and parts south, so the ride was a bit warmer and featured a mild headwind as the day progressed.  We completed the Bike to the Beach in Corpus Christi around 1 pm.  Jayne & I rode 123 miles of the 142 that makes up the MS150.  This was a two-day distance record for us.

Thank you for supporting MS and our fundraising efforts.   Love to all, Steve & Jayne

A very special "Thank You" to our supporters!

Terry Beard

Rick Brock

Jim and Shanna DeWitt

Bill and Kathy Hamilton

International ATMO, Inc.


Pat Kimbrell, MD

Valerie Larson-Lohr

Corey Levenson

Kaye and Graham McClue

Ed Muns

Heather Muns

Michele Muns

Jeff Niezgoda, MD

Tom O'Herron

Caryn Oldham

Pat Nelson

Kevin Sisk

Sunny Sonnenrein

John Steinberg, DPM

Sue Teshera

Kent Walker

Lavelle Watts, CPA

Dennis Wissing




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