September 19: Dammheim to Speyer

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After yesterday's hard climbs, we decide to take a short ride to Speyer and take an easy day.  We reach Speyer before noon, find the information office, and secure a hotel room.  We take a walk through town and stop at an outdoor restaurant for a light lunch.  

Speyer is a typical Alsatian town, very Germanic, as evidenced by it's cathedral's architecture.  Germany 194.jpg (233057 bytes)  Germany 196.jpg (282910 bytes)  Germany 197.jpg (194328 bytes) Germany 198.jpg (143149 bytes)

Chips and Salsa, oh my! 

The tourist map also lists local eating establishments. Under "International Cuisine" they list the fine Scottish fare of McDonalds, and, wonder of wonders - a Mexican restaurant!

One problem with being away from Texas for a while is going into Mexican food withdrawal.  We have searched out the elusive enchilada from Paris to Melbourne to Amsterdam, and at best have found but a poor imitation of the real Tex-Mex.  But we've been on the road for 12 days and are getting desperate.

Germany 199.jpg (287154 bytes)  Hacienda Mexicana is a short walk from the hotel.  Despite the sign advertising German beer, we're excited.  We enter and the first thing we see is a big bowl of chips.  Yes!

Germany 201.jpg (236326 bytes)  The waitress doesn't speak English, so the owner and his wife come out to visit.  His aunt lives in San Antonio.  Small world.  Our meal is the best Mexican food we've had outside the U.S. and does help to staunch the cravings.

On to Worms...

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