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We upgraded the brakes on our GTT from the stock Hope C2 hydraulics, which required a kingpin replacement.  These kingpins and brakes are the original, and accumulated around 4000 miles.  The rotors have around 500 miles on them, as do the pads.

Assorted Greenspeed parts, from the GTT...


Hope C2 brakes  - small area of abrasion on the right hose and the right lever does not lock into the socket, thus the velcro strap.  Does not influence operation of the brake.


Set of pads



Optima Rider Trike - Sold


I purchased this trike in 2000 from the French distributor for Optima, toured the Loire River Valley on it, and then hauled it home.  In the ensuing years, I've put around 3000 miles on it, finally got the tires aligned (see the Trike Updates below - I've learned a lot more over the years), then bought more trikes (yes, it is a sickness).  Jayne says I can't buy another bike until I sell one, so, somebody has to go. 

This Rider is the City model, but varied somewhat from the published Optima specs - the front brakes are cable-actuated Sturmey Archer drums (both operate off the left brake lever) rather than hydraulics.  There is a separate rim brake for the rear wheel, operated off the right lever.

Frame is stainless steel, powder coated.  Boom is aluminum.  Seat is fiberglass.

Gear train is SRAM 3 X 7.  The rear deraillure was replaced with a SRAM 9.0 a few years ago (note the cool wood grain effect).  The rear suspension helps smooth out the ride and the Ballistic shock has been trouble-free.  The stock chain idlers were not very durable, so I had a local machine shop make some idlers from rollerblade wheels - much quieter and less friction.








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Trike Updates

January 2, 2002:  Since we bought the Greenspeed tandem, I haven't put a lot of miles on the Optima - have about 2100 miles to date.  Finally have the alignment dialed in.  Replaced the original rear tire with a Schwalbe Marathon 26 X 1.5 @ 2000 miles.  Added an Air Zound horn - it's really loud.

July 12, 2001: The Primo Comets only lasted around 200 miles (primarily due to the soft rubber composition, but alignment is still a bit off).  I added a new set of Schwalbes and they have done OK through the first couple of hundred miles.  Mileage to date: 1810

May 8, 2001: The Schwalbes finally packed it in during Cycle Main Street.  The bike guy only had a set of Kevlar Primo Comets, so we'll see what happens.  Wear on the right is still worse than the left - must continue to adjust alignment.  Did a bit of preparation before going on this tour:  I've had two chain idlers fracture since new, so I had a couple of rollerblade wheels machined into rollers and added a second idler as Optima does with the Riders with the front triple chain ring.  The new idlers are much quieter and seem to roll better too.  My friend Perry Templeton has made a new seat cover for me - it worked alright, but we're working on a new design that should be even cooler.  Longest ride to date: 83.83 miles during Cycle Main Street.  Around 1400 miles on the odometer.

February 21, 2001:  Replaced the tires with Schwalbe Marathon (20 X 1.5).  These tires seem to be more substantial than the Schwalbe City Jets and sport Kevlar lining.  Unfortunately, they barely fit under the fenders - and will probably force me to come up with a new fender solution.  Alignment seems to be holding, and with around 100 miles accumulated, wear is minimal.  Did my longest trike ride to date (40 miles) with the Austin Cycling Club.

January 28, 2001:  586 miles on the odometer (mostly riding in the city of San Antonio, with a few club rides thrown in) and the front tires are worn to the casing.  Time to shop for new tires...  and speaking of tires and wheels, after a total of 5 broken spokes on the front, the wheels went in for a rebuild - don't know whether the breakage was due to a bad build or my riding style.  Otherwise, things are going well, though the seat bolts have a tendency to work loose.  I didn't like the thickness of the seat pad, so I've purchased some open-cell foam and have cut it to fit the seat.  Once it's dialed in, I'll have a cover made.   New accessories: water bottle cage attached to right side of seat, panniers (Performance brand cheap-Os), and an Arkel utility basket for groceries.