Sunday: Angers

We've arrived at La Close, had a nice local lunch in the village followed by a short stroll and a nap.

Claude gives us our tour pack - a series of maps and detailed trip logs with directions and suggested stops.

Claude and Jacqueline drive us to Angers for dinner and we take time to see our first chateau (at least from the outside). Don't worry about the Canadian flag on the chateau - there was some type of exhibit of Canadian art going on at the chateau.

  Angers.jpg (125942 bytes)AngersAtNite.jpg (122943 bytes)AngersChateau.jpg (133820 bytes)AngersChateau2.jpg (137767 bytes)

We also slip into the cathedral to hear the end of Mass.  Jayne prays for good weather.

AngersAltar.jpg (116237 bytes)

Dinner is at a restaurant featuring Alsatian food.  None of this namby-pamby French cuisine for us - give us beer, sauerkraut, and loads of pork!AngersMeat.jpg (128699 bytes)  We have a great time visiting with Claude and Jacqueline.

By the time we return to La Clos, we're ready for bed.

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